HUYS Miwarp sectional warper for narrow fabrics

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Last update: 8/05/2020

Data input made simple

Data input on the Miwarp is menu prompted on the clearly arranged SIEMENS graphic touch screen. Special training is not necessary. The required input data is the same as with classical electronically controlled section warping machines.

Open architecture

The open architecture of the electronic modules provides a perfect overview and best accessibility. PROFIBUS communication between HMI, drives and the PLC.

Technical specifications

Optional equipment

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MIwarp sectional warper, designed for handling warps of

•   weaving and narrow fabric weaving machines

•   warp crochet systems

•   label production machines

•   warp knitting, raschel & lace machinery

MIwarp is the first sectional warper for narrow fabrics

With the supply of raw materials becoming inadequate to meet the world's demand new production solutions are the order of the day to maintain your position in the market.

The new HUYS warper sets new standards in quality, productivity and flexibility for narrow and sample fabrics.

It is a cost-effective warping machine for small and narrow production volumes. The machine is designed to handle anything from the finest monofilament threads to the coarsest woolen yarns.

The MIwarp sectional warper has been developed to offer a solution for the narrow weaving and knitting industry in offering a sectional warper as an alternative to direct warpers. A sectional warper typically needs a reduced number of bobbins to produce warp beams. This way yarn stocks and waste material are reduced to a minimum and this is becoming increasingly important for the high and technical fabrics using expensive yarns.

This very accurate warper is a major breakthrough; with only a handful of bobbins it is now possible to make a full beam.

Technical know-how

The MIwarp has a high-precision SIEMENS servo-drive feed control for superior warp quality. With technical know-how of the highest level and an outstanding power of innovation, HUYS guarantees a safe product handling and a superior output performance. The user friendliness and the process reliability of the machine are second to none.

Miwarp beaming side

Miwarp warping side


Textile  technology

Miwarp machine installation in Switzerland for technical applications: