Creel installation for technical yarns for the production of fabrics for the building industry (Bekaert, Belgium)

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Last update: 8/05/2020

Through the years the company HUYS has acquired  a lot of expertise & know-how on weaving preparatory equipment

New production solutions are the order of the day to maintain your position in the market and your warping plant should:

•   be cost-effective for each production volume

•   flexible and capable of warping a large span of yarn counts and qualities

•   run trouble-free without expensive service interventions

Therefore it is extremely important to select & dimension your warping machinery to match your production needs in the most professional way.

HUYS can consult you in setting up a new warping plant or change & refurbish your existing equipment. Furthermore we can help you with the erection- and commissioning works of different kinds of warping machinery (HUYS, Benninger, Prashant, Karl Mayer, Suzuki and VTA).

Having almost 30 years of experience in the manufacture, sales and commissioning of warping machinery we have acquired an unmatched expertise in the field of weaving preparation equipment.

Today, taking up the HUYS offer is the best guarantee for competitive and profitable warping, both now and in the long run.

Installation of a 5.4 m warping installation for geotextiles (Ten Cate, Malaysia)

HUYS technical services and expertise

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 Advise and installation of a complete weaving preparation plant at Tessutica Romania, a subsidiary of Beaulieu Fabrics.

 5 sectional warpers and 7 creels


Textile  technology

 Advise and installation of a weaving preparation plant at Universal Carbon  textiles. Carbon fibres and carbonfibre  blends.

Upgrade of a Benninger warping installation for aramid and glass fibre fabrics

(Plastextil, Ecuador)

Installation of a full automated robotic warping plant: Robowarp PB9 from Prashant, India. Working width 3.4 m with creel of 720 bobbins.

 Location: Beaulieu International Fabrics, Europe; Upholstery fabrics from recycled  yarns.