High performance creels for economical production of top-quality warps

and other state-of-the-art unwinding applications

The HUYS creels are used in a very large application span

We can deliver bobbin creels for clients’ every requirement. The basic creels are available in four basic configurations.

Different tensioners are available for each application. From the finest polyester monofilament to coarse carbon fibre yarns; for each application we have the right solution. In addition the creels are capable of satisfying all specific customer requirements with appropriate options.

If the run-off from the creel is not perfect, then the best equipment cannot repair the damage at a later stage. Whether high-tech or simpler approaches, HUYS has the requisite expertise at all levels.

To satisfy every quality and performance demand HUYS has a full range of creels for sectional & direct warping equipment and knitting machines.

HUYS bobbin creels for universal use

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Fixed frame creel with travelling cleaner

Four basic creel models

This is one of the most widely used types of creel. This creel features a rugged steel construction with suspended tensioner frames. This design leaves the floor free for cleaning and offers excellent accessibility and handling.

By moving the tensioner frames laterally, a loading gangway is created between the packages and the tensioners. Likewise the distance from package to tensioner can be adjusted for optimal balloon formation. The frames can be moved by hand or optionally with motorized run-out. The operation of the creel is extremely simple and the required floor space is very small.  This creel is available with inside or outside yarn creeling.

The packages are loaded on double-sided trucks that can be entered and taken out individually. The trucks have ball-bearing mounted wheels for effortless movement. The special wheel arrangement allows the trucks to be turned 360° on the spot. During the creeling of the first set of trucks the reserve set can be reloaded to shorten lot changing times considerably and enhance the productivity of the warping equipment. The downtime is s restricted to the time required to move the carriages in and out and to knot the yarns.

A magazine creel allows continuous, non-stop, yarn take off. There are two packages per end. Each package is fitted to an individual arm which can be rotated for easy loading and unloading. The creel configuration can be for inside or outside draw-off. Because the yarn end of the running package is knotted to the beginning of the reserve package, continuous creeling is possible. No leftover material will remain on the bobbins. This creel will therefore eliminate waste material and rewinding.

This creel is used for high volume and long run production where a high warper or beamer efficiency is essential.

The next set of packages to be run can be loaded and prepared while the warper is running the previous set. When the running packages are empty, the package frames can be rotated to bring the new set of packages into the active position. The rotating frames have a locating catch-handle for easy positioning.

Swivel frame creels are used for warping successive sets of equal length yarn packages with minimum stop time and maximum production. This creel is particularly suited for large packages of filament yarn. While the package frame is being run off on one side, the new lot can be creeled on the other side at the same time.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            3-D segment of a swivel frame creel

This creel is available with inside or outside yarn creeling.

 Platform creels for insertion of glass fiber yarns in nonwovens

HUYS creels for special applications

Through the years HUYS has acquired a large expertise in the field of creels and associated peripherals and accessories. As a result HUYS is in the position to offer you an equipment solution for every creeling task. Our ability to balance process requirement, technical performance and financial constraints make us the ideal partner for any fibre unwinding project.

We welcome the challenge of the textile- and nonwovens markets with confidence and are convinced that we are here to support our customers through the years by offering and delivering the best solution to their needs and requirements.

Self compensating tensioners (type Karl Mayer) →

The yarn tension remains constant on a given setting, both with cops and conical wound or cross-wound packages. The tensioner permits the constant retention of the tension from a full to an empty bobbin, regardless of speed or bobbin size. Hence, it is the only true alternative to centrally controlled systems which request fully identical packages. Different types are available to suit a large span of yarn counts.

Electromagnetic tension system (Appalachian) ↓

The YTC tensioning system from appalachian is based on electromagnetic technology and controlled by a menu driven touch-screen operator interface. The tension can be set from 0 to 80 cN.

Each tensioner has a separate motor for tension disc cleaning. The tension is kept constant through the whole speed range because the electronics have a feedback system that levels the yarn tension from start-up to full speed. The tension can be set post-to-post to compensate tension differences between yarns coming from the front of the creel and yarns coming from the back of the creel.

The yarn is going in a soft angle path through the tensioner. Therefore this system treats the yarn gently and reduces variations in the yarn structure and the number of fibre breaks. Versatile and flexible, the system can be applied to an extraordinary range of textile yarns and yarn counts, producing warp sets for exceptional weaving and superior warp knitting.

Each tensioner has a photo-optic motion sensor for fast yarn break detection. The ends are counted at start-up so unused tensioners should not be switched off when changing from warp style. The interface will give a warning for re-current break from the same (bad) package.

Last update: 8/05/2020

Self compensating tensioner

Creel with the electromagnetic tension system from Appalachian

 Creel with rotating frames for upholstery fabrics from recycled yarns  (Beaulieu, Belgium)

 Creel for geotextiles, 1.000 - 10.000 dTex (Ten Cate, Malaysia)

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Creel installation in France for delicate fibres: silk, cashmere


Textile  technology

Creel with Appalachian tensioners for narrow width fabrics (Rathgeber, Germany)

Creel installation for a Robotic warping machine: Robowarp PB9 from Prashant.

Beaulieu International Fabrics; Upholstery fabrics from recycled yarns.